Instant Enamel Pin Collection

$30.00 - $75.00
Instant Enamel Pin Collection

Expand your enamel pin collection instantly with these themed sets!

Space includes:
2x Rainbow Star Wings (mirrored pair with removable chain)
1x Rainbow Planet
1x Rainbow Star
1x Astro the Spacecatdet
1x Galaxarium (glows in the dark)
1x Flying Saucer
1x Friendship Ray
1x Captain QT
1x Mini Space Pin Set (alien, plant, star)

Magic includes:
1x Cyclops
1x Medusa
1x Minotaur
1x Centaur
2x Narmaid (mint and pink)
1x Black Unicorn
1x Frog Prince
1x Konpeito Candy Set (pink, white, green)
1x Witch

Animals includes:
3x Axolotls (white, yellow, black)
1x Quetzal
1x Monarch Butterfly
1x Hyena
3x Corn Snakes (brown, red, gray)
1x Turtle Melon Pan (glitter)

These pins are considered to be B-grade or seconds which means they might have some small marks or defects.

These sets are shipped flat on a folded piece of cardstock. If you need bags for individual gift giving, please check out my holographic gift bag listing!